Egyptian Media


Muslim Brotherhood: Rabaa Coup False Report Will Never Cover Up the Truth

The Muslim Brotherhood rejects a government report on the coup massacre at Rabaa Al-Adaweya, and criticizes Egypt's National Council for Human Rights which issued the report Wednesday.

Muslim Brotherhood Denies Intervention or Mediation in Kidnapped Sinai Security Personnel

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood spokesman says claims that President Morsi asked for Brothers to intervene to resolve Security personnel crisis are totally baseless.

Khairat Al-Shater Press Release on Misleading Media Fabrications

Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman Al-Shater reminds Egypt’s print and broadcast media, and their audiences, of an earlier statement he made a few months ago regarding media fables and falsehoods concerning his

Muslim Brotherhood Documents Moqattam Attacks Criminality with Pictures and Videos

Criticizing media silence over criminal attacks against the Brotherhood and supporters Friday, the group posts online photographs and video recordings that clearly show the extent of violence.

Itehadia Martyrs and Victims Conference: Unarmed Brotherhood Youth Defended Democracy

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood youth went to Itehadia Presidential Palace to defend legitimate President and government; but were ambushed by thugs wielding knives, guns, rifles, teargas and fire bombs.

Itehadia Incident Martyr Family Calls for National Reconciliation, Harmony

Itehadia Presidential Palace Martyr Mohamed Al-Husseini’s family insists on freedom and dignity for Egypt and all Egyptians, even if more sacrifices need to be made by legitimacy supporters.

Egypt Information Minister to Political Parties: No-One Will Be Excluded; Freedoms Guaranteed for All

Egypt’s new Information Minister meets with the heads of the country’s political parties; assures them that State-owned media outlets will not alienate any political players, and that freedom of speech

Writers, Judges, Diplomats and Copts: Morsi Speech Great Initiative for National Reconciliation

Egypt’s first freely elected President Mohamed Morsi’s first speech after winning the Presidential elections reflects his hopes for Egyptian unity as well as openness to the world.

The Freedom and Justice Party Views on Current Events

Egypt still suffers persistent economic, political and security crises due to the weak performance of the interim government, which seems totally oblivious of the desire and the will of the

FJP Female MPs: We Cooperate With Everyone in Parliament; Women Play Major Role

MP Azza Al-Garf believes that women are playing a significant role in Egyptian Parliament; but must play an even more positive part in the rejuvenation of their homeland.