Egyptian military


Muslim Brotherhood Condemns New Laws Granting Egypt Military More Power, Judicial Immunity

A new crime committed by the military regime against Egypt and its people on the fifth anniversary of the coup, by granting more power to the military and protecting its

Anti-Coup Alliance: Sisi Gang Disgraces October War Victory

Nation-wide pro-democracy coalition calls on all patriotic Egyptians, including honorable army officers and soldiers, to stand with the men and women of the January 25 (2011) Revolution.

President Morsi Support Campaign: Leaks Reveal Military Coup and Junta Truth, Injustice

Military junta must reverse its illegitimate coup in Egypt and let this homeland's army get back to its sacred duty of protecting the borders, especially after the recent scandalous leaks

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails New Revolutionary Wave

Egypt's broad-based coalition defending democratic legitimacy escalates anti-coup defiance with a second revolutionary wave of peaceful protest action.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Criticizes Saudi Support for Repressive Junta in Egypt

Pro-legitimacy coalition urges Saudi Arabia to show solidarity with the people of Egypt rather than their oppressors, reiterating commitment to peaceful protest until the coup is defeated.

HRM Denounces Arrest and Arbitrary Detention of Mrs Manal El-Shamy With Three of Her Children

Human Rights Monitor (HRM) submitted a complaint to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention regarding the arrest of a mother and three of her children from their house at

Muslim Brotherhood: Putschists Responsible for Leader, Detainees Health

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood holds the putschists accountable for safety as well as health of all prisoners, including Brotherhood Chairman Badie.

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on Obama Speech Cancelling Egypt Bright Star Drills

Brotherhood spokesman Aref affirms the US was involved in July 3 coup and is now trying a different role in Egypt.

Egypt’s Blood, America’s Complicity

FOR millions of Egyptians still reeling from the shock of Wednesday’s state-led massacre, which killed at least 600 peaceful protesters and possibly many more, the questions are now very basic:

Statement from Peaceful Protestors Survivors of Brutal Military Coup Massacre

Survivors of the dawn massacre by coup regime police and army tell the true story of events as they saw them personally.