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MB’s “Freedom and Justice” Papers Soon to Be Submitted

Dr. Ahmed Diab, head of the Muslim Brotherhood political section, said the group will submit the Freedom and Justice's papers to the Judicial Committee to examine the procedural conditions for

Media Men Denied Access to the IDSC Silver Jubilee Celebration

Journalists, newspapers and TV channels were blocked from attending the celebration of the Egyptian Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center Silver Jubilee, after 25 years of its establishment.

State-Run Egyptian Newspapers alter Judicial Ruling on Islam Is the Solution

Jamal Taj al-Din, a member of the defence team for the MB candidates, denied what was published by Al-Ahram, Al Gomhouria and Al-Ahram Al-Massa'i that the Supreme Administrative Court ruling

MB MP: We do not call for revolutions and believe only in peaceful change

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Saleh ascertained that the MB does not believe in revolutions or violence, in fact they support only peaceful and legal channels for change to combat

Security harasses opposition students days before Students’ elections

Government universities have announced that Thursday October 7 will be the beginning of nominations for the Student’s body elections in Egypt. The elections are scheduled to take place October 18

Government behind daughter’s photos: ElBaradei

Mohamed ElBaradei, the former UN nuclear chief turned Egyptian reformer, accused the government of publishing pictures of his daughter in a swimsuit and at events with alcohol in reply to

End of the Dialogue?

At the beginning of March, was one of the most successful websites in the Middle East. Now the editorial team are locked in a power struggle with their Islamist