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Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls Week of ‘Persistence’ Peaceful Anti-Coup Protests

The anti-coup coalition of Egyptian parties and movements defending constitutional and democratic legitimacy in Egypt calls ''Persistence' week of peaceful protest activities across the nation.

On Al-Adha Feast for Martyrs, Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Pray for Egypt’ Major March

'Pray for Egypt', the new banner of a million-man march called by the Anti-coup coalition of Egyptian parties and movements defending democracy, will rally all segments of society for dignity

Beltagy: Morsi Seeks Real Partnership with All Egyptian Parties, Stakeholders

Dr. Morsi and the Freedom and Justice party endeavor for an all-inclusive national accord, exhorting all political and revolutionary parties, groups and movements to close ranks and face the counter-revolution.

Yassin: Freedom and Justice Party Continues Coalition Efforts to Defend Revolution

If the Egyptian revolution means anything, if the blood of the honorable martyrs of the revolution holds any value, if the excruciating suffering of those wounded in the revolution is

Egypt’s Democratic Alliance Recognizes Syrian National Council As Representative of Syrian People

In a meeting at the headquarters of al Wafd Party, representatives of 40 Egyptian parties and political movements forming the Democratic Alliance for Egypt, endorsed the newly formed Syrian National

34 Egyptian Parties Reject Supra-Constitutional Principles

Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party Dr. Saad Katatni said that 34 political parties agreed in a meeting hosted by FJP Sunday that there was no reason for

FJP Official Meets With EU Delegation

FJP Secretary General, Mohammad Sa’d El Katatny met with EU delegation on Tuesday morning July 26, to clarify the party’s vision regarding the current political events in Egypt.

FJP Press Release on Constitutional Principles

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) stresses that the Democratic Alliance for Egypt (DAE) is the only entity representing FJP's efforts to achieve national consensus and build the future of Egypt

Poll Reveals 46% of Voters Choose FJP in Parliamentary Elections

An opinion poll conducted by Aljazeera Mubasher satellite TV revealed that when asked to decide what party they will vote for in the upcoming parliamentary elections nearly 50% of viewers

Salafist Party, Al-Nour (Light): We welcome dialogue with all forces in Egypt

A few hours after the decision of the Commission of Political Parties to accept the papers of incorporation for Al-Nour Party, the Salafist party leadership expressed its full readiness to