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El-Baradei reportedly gets bids from Egyptian parties to run for presidency

Moussa has won the admiration of many ordinary Arabs for his stand on issues such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Iraq, notably warning Washington it would open the "gates of

MB Organizes Rally In Cairo To Support Palestinians

The Muslim Brotherhood invites all parties, political forces, NGOs as well as all Egyptians to participate in a rally at Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo Friday June 30th 2006, in

Howeidy: Not anxious about rising Muslim Brotherhood (MB)

"I am not anxious about the 88 MB members of Parliament who won in the last Parliamentary elections," Fahmy Hweidi said in an interview with (

Morsy: 60% of Parliament Activities Are Performed By MB Deputies

Despite the Egyptian regime’s continuous media blackout on the activities of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) deputies in parliament, some reports described the activities of those deputies as “irritating performance but without

Brotherhood Joins Efforts to Draft New Constitution

The Muslim Brotherhood’s members Essam Al-Erian and Ali Fatah el-Bab participate in the committee formed to draft a new constitution to replace that of 1971. Sponsored by the Egyptian Organization

Mursy: Government does not Want Powerful Parties

Muhammad Mursy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, asserted that the Egyptian regime is the operative force behind the weakness of political parties. Parties are confirmed to laws