Egyptian police


HRM’s Statement in Response to NCHR’s Rabaa Massacre Report

On 05 March 2013, Egypt's National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) launched a supposedly fact-finding, but in fact a deliberately flawed, report on Rabaa Al-Adaweya massacre.

HRM Denounces Arrest and Arbitrary Detention of Mrs Manal El-Shamy With Three of Her Children

Human Rights Monitor (HRM) submitted a complaint to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention regarding the arrest of a mother and three of her children from their house at

Bishr: Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Police Officer Assassination

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Bishr condemns Tuesday assassination of police general, and places responsibility on government for violent incidents.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: New Massacre Committed by Egypt Police Monday, July 15

As ‘real’ democracy takes hold in Egypt, instead of protecting peaceful protesters, police protect hired thugs tasked with doing the state’s bloody dirty work, killing and maiming demonstrators with impunity.

Activists Remember Khaled Saeed

Considered a catalyst of Egypt’s Revolution Khaled Saeed a torture victim of Egypt’s formed interior ministry will be remembered as Egyptian activists plan anti-torture protests next week in his commemoration.

Interior Ministry set ablaze described as counter-revolutionary

Tuesday witnessed a Fire sweeping the upper floors of Egypt's Interior Ministry building as policemen protested outside to demand higher pay and improved health care.

Human Rights Calls for the Dismissal of the Minister of Interior and Senior Leadership of

The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights demands the dismissal of the Minister of Interior and leaders of the police who issued and implemented decisions to fire on the

Egyptian Regime to Continue Oppressive Policies, Blocks Facebook

Although Facebook has returned a few hours ago Mubarak's regime blocked the popular social networking website, Facebook.

Politicians: January 25 Demonstration Is not a Prelude to National Uprising

Thousands of Egyptians are scheduled to take to the streets on January 25 Day of Rage demonstration at the invitation of the "6 April Youth" group.

A Lawsuit Calling on the Minister of Interior: Police Officers should Undergo Physiological and Mental

Three lawyers filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Judiciary ordering that the Minister of Interior should give orders for policemen to undergo periodic psychological and mental check ups.