Egyptian police


Victim of ElBaradei’s support conference.

Dr Taha Abdul Tawab a physical therapist from the Fayoum governorate is the first reported victim of ElBaradei's support campaign.

Egypt: Calls for solidarity with Egyptian anti-torture blogger Wael Abbas

Egyptian activists and bloggers are gearing up for today’s showdown between the government and leading blogger Wael Abbas, who was sentenced last fall to 6 months in prison.

Egyptian police detain leading Islamists

Cairo: Police early on Monday arrested at least 14 members of the Muslim Brotherhood,

Egypt: Women fall victim to the unending cycle of arrests and torture.

The cycle of human rights violations and torture continues in Egypt 's detention centers this time with the arrest of 4 women on October 28, 2009 from the same family.

Egypt police clash with protesters over flood crisis

Egyptian police employed tear gas and rubber bullets on Wednesday in order to disperse residents in a Sinai town hit hard by recent flooding in the area and a perceived

Egyptian police forces assault activists and participants of the Viva Palestina convoy.

At least 20 people were injured late Tuesday January 5, in clashes between Egyptian police and pro-Palestinian activists trying to get a relief convoy into the Gaza Strip.

“No to Torture” the latest slogan compiled by citizens

Defense lawyers today submitted complaints to the Interior Minister, the Attorney General, Interior Ministry's Inspector, General Inspector of State Security at Aswan and the Attorney General of Aswan's Prosecutions demanding

Egypt Police Detain Muslim Brotherhood Blogger

Egyptian police have detained a Muslim Brotherhood blogger who backed calls for a national day of protests against the government, security sources said on Sunday. Police arrested Abdel Rahman Fares,