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Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Urges Action to Save Egypt

The foolish policies currently followed by the treacherous military coup commanders, and their disregard for the extremely difficult living conditions of the people, have reached a dangerous level that threatens

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Poor’s Rage” Week of Peaceful Protest

Egypt's pro-democracy nationwide Alliance urges all the people to unite and face up to the ruinous coup and the failures and crises it caused.

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls “Poor’s Right” Peaceful Protest Week

Egypt's nationwide coalition of anti-coup groups and parties regrets the suffering of the Egyptian people, especially the poor, and calls a powerful protest week, in preparation for a major campaign

Egypt Alliance Denounces Oppression in “Down with Disgrace and Shame Junta” Peaceful Protest Week

Every day, it becomes clearer that the floundering Sisi is a pure disgrace and a dark shame in Egypt’s history, and that no matter how long he stays in power,

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls ‘Eliminate Poverty and Tyranny’ Peaceful Protest Week

The military junta regime in Egypt is escalating its repressive crackdowns on dissidents, relentless campaigns of arrests, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, fabrication of charges, demonizing the opposition in a systematic

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls for ‘Rights of the Poor’ Protest Week, Popular Uprising Preparations

Egypt's broadbased coalition of anti-coup groups and politicians starts a fresh week of nationwide protests against soaring prices and escalating waves of even more price increases as the coup regime

FJP Lawmaker: Income Tax Law Achieves Social Justice; Removes Low-Income Suffering

According to Upper House MPs, Egypt’s low-income people stand to benefit the most from new income-tax laws approved by parliament.

Economists Dismiss Egypt Bankruptcy Claims as Political

Dispelling media myths, misinformation and rumors to the contrary, economy experts and consultants assure Egypt's future features robust development and massive investment projects.

Highlights of “Morsi for President” Campaign

Giving true vitality to the concept of democracy, safeguarding political rights, rejuvenating and promoting tourism industry, are just a few of Dr. Morsi’s presidential objectives.

Al-Shater, in Cairo: Renaissance Project Made by All Egyptians

While Egypt’s new presidential hopeful Al-Shater promises total overhaul of the country’s economy and security systems, vowing to solve daily living problems within months, he urges every citizen to do