Egyptian President


On World Press Freedom Day ‘Journalists for Reform’ Demands Rights, Professional Values

Remembering their colleagues who died or received injuries as they pursued their trade, Egypt’s JFR movement calls on all parties to uphold press and media rights and values.

Egypt Constitutional Court Reviews Election Law

Parliament’s Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee: House elections will be held in mid-September or at the beginning of October, once approved by the Constitutional Court.

Morsi to Party Leaders: There is No Place in Modern Egypt for Conflicts or Distrust

Dr. Morsi calls on all citizens, especially political players and stakeholders, to unite, close ranks and work hard to help the homeland complete its comprehensive democratic transformation.

Mubarak Loyalists Attempt to Trigger Sectarian Strife in a Bid to Smear Morsi Campaign in

Egypt’s old guard loyalists escalate their actions against the revolutionaries and the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, resorting to last-ditch heinous acts of lawlessness, violence and

Morsi to Bedouin Arab Tribes: Egyptians are All Equal

Gone are the days when despotic regimes put down certain segments or ethnicities to divide the nation and rule the homeland more easily by depriving the people of their essential

Dr. Morsi Meets People of Banha; Pledges Progress and Prosperity

The presidential campaign of Dr. Morsi makes a stop in Banha – in the heart of Qaliubiya province, in north-eastern Egypt; assures that there is no going back to the

Erian: We Aspire to Real Freedom, Independent Egypt and Genuine Democratic Transition

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, has a dream, of individual freedoms for all, of a truly independent state, and a real and peaceful transition for the people and

Morsi Presidential Campaign Announces New Slogan, New Spirit for Start of New Phase

Egyptian presidential contender, Dr. Morsi, shifts his campaign into higher gear for the upcoming runoff in the race for Egypt’s top post, with a new motto aimed to encourage people

Seventeen Pledges by Dr. Mohamed Morsi to Egyptians before Runoff Elections

Egypt’s presidential elections front-runner Morsi vows to be the leader of all the people, and to improve the living and working conditions of all citizens, irrespective of color, race, religion

Morsi’s Campaign: We Will Tread More Firmly on Path from Despotism to Democracy

Together the people, united, will stem the tide of counter-revolution and defeat old guard holdovers desperately endeavoring to replicate the former regime at any cost.