Egyptian Protestors


Mubarak Accused of Accumulating Wealth in Arms Deals

According to judicial sources the ousted President Hosny Mubarak will be questioned over wealth acquired through arms deals by a military prosecutor.

Pew Study Indicates Public Favours MB

As protestors in Cairo's Tahrir Square made the decision to end a dictatorial rule and peacefully overthrow the 30 year reign of oppression, tyranny and violence the world looked on.

January 25th Revolution – More than Just Political Change in Egypt

The successful revolution in Egypt has showed the world how change can happen when the people of a nation are united in a cause.

Corruption, Embezzlement and Inciting to Kill – Charges Face the Mubarak Clan

The sons of Mubarak are expected to be questioned Tuesday by Egyptian authorities. Allegations leveled against them include corruption charges as Egypt's interim government investigates the actions of them and

Commission accuses Mubarak’s Sons of Masterminding Attacks on Protestors

A much expected report fromthe Fact Finding Committee on Egypt’s January 25 Revolution was released today.

Los Angeles Times: Illogical for Egypt’s NDP to remain

An article posted in The Los Angeles Times describes Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court decision to dismantle the former ruling NDP and liquidate all the party’s financial assets and properties as

Arab Youth – Changing Worldwide Perceptions

Change has definitely come to the Arab world and it has come at the hands of the youth. They are not just changing the political scene, but also how Westerners

Mubarak’s former ruling party dissolved

Realizing the publics’ demand an Egyptian court has ordered the dissolving of Egypt’s former ruling National Democratic Party.

Egypt: The Arabic Network Is alarmed at the Stalling of The Public Prosecutor to Investigate

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today,was extremely alarmed about the stalling of the Public Prosecutor on investigating the communique filed by ANHRI and its team on 23/2/2011 against

Ousted Mubarak served 15-day detention order

The 83 year old ousted President Mubarak was ordered detention soon after both his sons Alaa and Gamal also received the pending order for investigation.