Egyptian Protestors


Egypt PM apologises vowing all responsible will be held accountable

Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf apologised on Monday following the crackdown on demonstrators in Cairo over the people by vowing to seek a judicial investigation.

MB statement concerning Mubarak’s recorded speech

In an unexpected and surprising recording Egypt's ousted President Mubarak denied accusations and allegations that he had accumulated illicit wealth during his rule.

April 15th, Million Man March to Bring Mubarak to Justice

The founding committee of the youth of the revolution announced today a Million Man March to Sharm El-Sheikh on Friday, Aril 15th, to surround the place of residence of the

MB Confirms It Will Participate in the ‘Cleansing Friday’ Rally Calling for the Prosecution of

The Muslim Brotherhood confirmed their intention to participate in this Friday’s demonstration to be held in Tahrir Square, and suggested calling it the 'Friday of Purging'.

Qaradawi compares MB and Salafists outlook on politics

Following the January 25 People’s revolution the surfacing of Salafi groups who have normally kept away from politics has been witnessed with clear intentions of becoming involved in the political

Judge orders freeze on senior ex-officials assets

As investigations continue of former senior officials Egypt's army rulers froze assets belonging to three former henchmen of the deposed Mubarak.

Wide Screens in Tahrir Square Viewing the Cases of Torture during Mubarak’s Era

Protesters in Tahrir Sqare used wide screens showing video clips of cases of torture by the former State Security Apparatus against ordinary citizens.

How Western Corporations Have Been Helping Tyrants Suppress Rebellions in the Arab World

Springtime in the Arab world is looking bleaker now that despots in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen and reactionary elements in Egypt have gained an upper hand against the pro-democracy protesters

Participants in National Dialogue Reject a Proposal for Reconciliation with Key Figures of Mubarak’s Ousted

In the first session of the national dialogue which is headed by caretaker Prime Minister Essam Sharafto forge a new social era, Dr.Hassan Nafaa, a professor and chairman of the

Interim Constitution declares Egypt a democratic state

Egypt’s military rulers issued today an interim constitution expected to regulate the country’s political transitional period.