Egyptian Protestors


The Muslim Brotherhood After Mubarak

Portraying the Muslim Brotherhood as eager and able to seize power and impose its version of sharia on an unwilling citizenry is a caricature that exaggerates certain features of the

Interior Ministry Orders dismantling of State Security

Tuesday witnessed The Ministry of Interior announcing a decree to completely eliminate and dismantle the State Security Investigation Service in response to one of the demands by the protestors and

Yemen Seeking Reform Through Revolution

With daunting challenges facing President Saleh's regime in Yemen for many years, the uprisings there, triggered by unrest in Tunisia and Egypt , were not surprising. Yemen is dealing with

Chief of SS admits ordering destruction of documents

Former head of state security, Hassan Abdel Rahman, has admitted to investigators that he ordered security personnel and officials to destroy state security files which contained incriminating evidence.

Qaradawi calls on Egypt to ignore sectarian plots

“A plot against the January 25 Revolution to distort its image”. These words were used by president of the International Union of Islamic Scholars Dr. Yusef Qaradawi, to describe the

MB chairman thanks all who intervened to end sectarian strife

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, has offered his sincere thanks to all those who intervened to put out the fire of sectarian sedition witnessed earlier this week in

MB accuses former regime of provoking sectarian strife in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood has criticised the former regime as being behind the current events witnessed in Egypt which have provoked sectarian sedition.

The New Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Brotherhood, in its current form, will not run in the coming elections. It is forming a new “Freedom and Justice Party,” which will be administratively separate from the Brotherhood,

Al-Shater: Freedom & Justice program to be unveiled in a few weeks

The recently released Muslim Brotherhood's deputy chairman Engineer Khairat Al-Shater has ascertained that the group's new political party, Freedom and Justice will be the group's official political wing and will

Egypt’s new ministers down to business with full agenda slated

Egypt's new cabinet, led by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, met on Wednesday for the first time putting efforts to return security to Egypt's streets; reviving the country's economy was at