Egyptian Revolution


Muslim Brotherhood Condemns New Laws Granting Egypt Military More Power, Judicial Immunity

A new crime committed by the military regime against Egypt and its people on the fifth anniversary of the coup, by granting more power to the military and protecting its

Press Release: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Reiterates Long-Standing Principles, Positions

In response to utter lies the media has been broadcasting and circulating over the past few hours about Muslim Brotherhood decisions and positions, we stress the following: First: The revolutionary

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Brutal Killing of Six Egyptians by Security Forces on First Day of

 God can see the oppression of despots and tyrants. He can see those who suppress and murder the oppressed. We made a strong return across thousands of public squares where

Junta Militias Force False Confessions, Statements from Thirteen Anti-Coup Young Girls

Coup militias in Damietta, Egypt forced thirteen girls to record confessions under duress and torture, contrary to all local and international laws and conventions.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on President Morsi Upcoming Court Sentencing Tuesday

 The Egyptian Revolution is at a critical moment where the military junta, having failed to halt the growing protest and peaceful resistance movement, is endeavoring to push the country into

Freedom and Justice Party Statement Condemns Unjust Death Sentences

The FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm, slams mass execution orders by the junta, made through their subjugated judiciary, against January 25 Revolution leaders.

Anti-Coup Alliance Denounces Political Executions

Egypt's pro-democracy national coalition condemns the illegitimate coup's intensely politicized mass death sentences and hails the martyrs' children as the pride of the homeland.

Rights Organization Report on Military Trials for Egypt Students

Student rights organization slams court-martialing of Egyptian students, and details a typical well-documented case.

UNHRC Discusses Torture in Egypt Detention Centres

The European Alliance for Human Rights presents complaints to the United Nations Human Rights Council's 28th Regular Session (2-27 March 2015) regarding torture of detainees, including minors, at security centres

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Head Maha Azzam Letter to African Commission on Human and People Rights

ERC head Maha Azzam letter condemns the coup regime's total lack of commitment to the African Union and its Commission on Human and People’s Rights, clearly evident in the recent