Egyptian Revolutionary Council


PRESS RELEASE: ERC Accuses Sisi’s Regime of Deliberately Threatening Health and Life of President Morsi

Monday, November 20, 2017   Press statement The Egyptian Revolutionary Council accuses the Egyptian regime of Abdel – Fatah El Sisi of deliberately threatening the health and life of Egypt’s

Egyptian Parliament Abroad Slams Upholding of Mansoura Youths Death Sentences

The military coup commanders in Egypt continue to kill Egyptians in cold blood, from extrajudicial killings of citizens subjected to enforced disappearance, to the slow murder of tens of thousands

Rights Groups: Egyptian Authorities Must Halt Execution of Death Sentences Issued in Unfair Trials

As the countdown to the latest execution orders after unfair trials ticks away, several human rights organizations – in a joint statement – urged Egyptian authorities to stop the execution

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Recent Death Sentences

The Muslim Brotherhood continues to exert legal, political and popular efforts at local and international levels to ensure that all political detainees and those unjustly sentenced to death restore their

Family of Detained Journalist Badr: Prison Administration Bans Medical care, Visitations

The family of the detained journalist Badr Mohamed Badr affirmed he is denied essential medical treatment and medicine; and demanded Journalists Syndicate and rights activists intervene urgently to save his

Muslim Brotherhood Exhorts All Egyptians to Unite, Stand Against Oppression

In these difficult times, while the elected legitimate President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, is seen behind bars telling of the extent of the arbitrariness of the military coup authorities’ actions

Egypt Revolutionary Council Calls for Boycott of Parliamentary Elections

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council urges peaceful protests through civil disobedience and a total boycott of the sham parliamentary elections.

ERC Press Statement: Rabaa Massacre Second Anniversary

Today marks two years since the tragic Rabaa Massacre in Egypt where military and police forces dispersed, by brutal force, the peaceful sit-ins of Rabaa Square in Cairo and Nahda

Egypt Opposition Leaders Mourn Violence Victim

Statement to the Egyptian People  "To Allah we belong, and to Him we shall return" (Quran, 2:156) Together, we mourn the loss of patriotic sons and daughters – soldiers, civilians,

ERC Condemns Assassination of Public Prosecutor Hisham Barakat

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council condemns in the strongest terms the bomb attack targeting the Public Prosecutor, Hisham Barakat which resulted in his death. The ERC believes that the repressive policies