Egyptian Security Forces


Thousands Rally on Day of Anger in Cairo, Alexandria, Sharqyya and Mahalla al-Kubra

The April 6 Youth Movement announced that 5 activists were arrested today for participating in "A Day of Anger" rally attended by several activists in all the governorates of Egypt

Egypt: Torture at the Hands of SSI in Banha

On 28 April 2010, Nasr Al-Sayed Hassan Nasr, 52, presented himself to the State Security Investigative (SSI) services in his home town of Banha and was immediately arrested. He was

Security arrests 20 protestors from Khaled Saeed Facebook group in Cairo

Security forces in Cairo arrested 20 members of the Facebook group "We are all Khaled Saeed" as they were organizing a silent march in Cairo .

Egyptians unite in silent protest against police brutality and emergency law

An appeal on Facebook has harvested a positive response from over 11,000 people to take part in a silent protest in Cairo and Alexandria Friday.

Security interference will not be tolerated during elections

Intisar Nasim, head of the Supreme Electoral Commission, responsible for overseeing the current Shura Council elections, emphasized that the commission would not allow either external or internal intervention in the

Security Forces assault protesting Amonisto employees

Egyptian Security Forces attacked Amonisto Company employees Sunday May 23, while they were protesting in front of Parliament. Tens were injured and more than 20 workers arrested. Journalists were also

Mubarak’s fair elections fail as security thwarts publicity

Security forces in the Egyptian constituency of Qalyubeya launched a massive campaign against Muslim Brotherhood Shura candidate Mohamed Abdul Magid Desouky.

MB: Al-Adly’s neutrality in the election on for show

Dr. Ahmed Diab, the deputy secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc, expressed surprise over the Egyptian Interior Minister Habib el-Adly renewed commitment.

Egypt: Interior Ministry defies Mubarak’s claims of free elections hauling in 20 MB

Security forces in Kafr el Sheik intercepted a peaceful electoral campaign taking place in Motubas.

Freedom of the press in Egypt laced with, interventions, deals and orders

The World Press Freedom Day was initiated to evaluate the amount of press freedom around the world, protect its independence and honor journalists who were subjected to judicial or security