Egyptian Security Forces


Parliament discusses security’s meddling in Shura nominations

Muslim Brotherhood bloc, submitted an urgent statement to the Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, and Interior Minister Habib El-Adly

MB leaders ill after 3 day hunger strike

MB leaders Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Eng. Ossama Suleiman have shown signs of severe fatigue after staging a hunger strike in response to the unjust and harsh treatment by security

Human rights organisation: Egypt deliberately targets tunnel workers

The London based Arab Organisation for Human Rights (AOHR) condemned the Egyptian government for using "lethal force" against the workers in tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip and said

Egypt: The Next Volcano?

Egypt is facing a potential political eruption that could rock the entire Mideast and seriously undermine US domination of the strategic region.

Shebin Textiles workers protest while Security Forces in Hamoul thwarts another

More than 300 workers and early pensioners from Shebin's Textile and Spinning Company, protested today in front of the Workers Union Club in Shebin El-Kom. The protestors demanded their annual

EMHRN denounces the repression of Democracy Activists in Egypt

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) condemns the Egyptian security forces’ violent assaults against a large number of peaceful demonstrators in Cairo, Alexandria and various other areas on April 6.

Kuwait: Stop Persecuting Egyptian Opposition

Kuwait’s State Security forces should stop arresting and deporting expatriate supporters of Egyptian opposition candidate Dr. Mohammad ElBaradei, Human Rights Watch said Saturday. Kuwait should immediately release all remaining Egyptian

Egypt: MB students and 6 of April youth unite in support of (Freedom Day)

Thousands of strong, spirited students participated in demonstrations which were held in nearly all of Egypt's leading universities demanding the authorities to lift their intervening influences from the universities campus.

Abduction of 70 demonstrators in the constitutional amendments demo today

The final number of abducted activists who called for consitutional amendments today has risen to 70.

Egypt: Arrests of tens of activists and escalating clashes as downtown Cairo turns into military

Assaults, beatings, abuses and detentions and the day is young as the early morning of April 6 has witnessed the transformation of Cairo into military barracks.