Egyptian Students


Egypt Students Union Vice-President Slams Return of State Police on Campus

Students union rejects positioning of coup security police within university campuses as a further setback in the fight for freedom.

Ten Brotherhood Student Demands Reverse 30-Year Deteriorating University Conditions

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood students call for improved security, better conditions at university campuses across the country.

Egypt: University Professors Confirm Their Respect for Court Order

A recent statement by Cairo University president, Hossam Kamel, indicated that he respected the recent judicial ruling to remove all state security from university campuses, stressing that he appreciated the

Egypt abuses emergency law with the illegal detention and torture of student Ibrahim Mogahed

Egypt's Emergency Law is often applied in situations where there is no link to terrorist activities, such as the frequent arbitrary detention of political activists

Security Forces Arrests 18 of MB Students in Damietta

Egyptian security forces have arrested 18 of MB students from Damietta university after they held a conference celebrating the end of the campaign of "let’s reconstruct Gaza" which was launched

Egyptian Students and Years of Ongoing Struggle

February 21 is the day when students around the world celebrate the freedom and independence they’ve been struggling for and sacrificing their lives to attain. The first of these students

8 Ganoub Al-Wady Uni. MB Students Dismissed, 6 Others Denied Exams

 Qen’s Ganoub Alwady university administration dismissed 8 MB students for a full term and denied 6 others access to the exam of one course, in a new indication for the