Egyptian Television


FJP Leader Calls for Abolishing Ministry of Information, Ending State Control over Media

Egyptian News agency MENA reported that an independent media committee has been formed, including experts from outside the Radio and Television Union, to examine and assess media coverage of the

Obama’s task on Egyptian democracy

wHEN HE met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in September, President Obama brought up the need for "a vibrant civil society, open political competition, and credible and transparent elections in

Regime demonstrates incapable of integrity during run up to elections

Egypt’s political opposition, the Wafd party founded in 1918 has threatened to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections in protest to state television’s refusal to broadcast its campaign messages.

Cops, Robbers … and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why the Egyptian government's propaganda version of CSI revealed more about its own paranoia than about its enemies.

“The Society”

A television series can cause uproar, raise a debate or start a dispute that would require the intervention of courts of law to be settled.

Egyptians prepare for life after Mubarak

Their President of 29 years is very ill. But with no nominated successor, an uncertain future awaits, writes Robert Fisk in Cairo