Egyptian universities


Statement by the Anti-Coup Alliance: Egypt Students Leading the Revolution

Egyptian students' patriotic peaceful action pierces the illusion of iron-grip military repression of Revolution and protesters.

Egypt Student Union Deputy Head: President to Consider Release of Any Detained Student

ESU Vice-President Baqri and a 47-strong university student delegation meet with Egyptian President Morsi and discuss curricula, campus security and conditions at student dormitories.

Egypt Brotherhood Students Raise Five Demands to Improve University, Dormitory Conditions

Following the second case of food-poisoning at a university’s dormitories, Muslim Brotherhood students speak out against corruption and decades old neglect.

Muslim Brotherhood Youth Respect Student Will and Democratic Process; Vow Services Continue

Muslim Brotherhood students vow to resume work for all their university colleagues, irrespective of union election results.

Brotherhood Students Revere Al-Azhar Institution

Muslim Brotherhood students urge hostile media to stop fabricating fumbled fables against them, and assure that they hold Azhar in the highest respects as Sunni Muslims’ most venerable seat of

Muslim Brotherhood Students Favorite to Win Egypt Student Union Presidency

Muslim Brotherhood university students win confidence of a sweeping majority of Egyptian youths across all provinces.

Muslim Brotherhood Students Win University Elections Despite Media Bombardment

Brotherhood Student Spokesman Taha confirms student union wins amid desperate media wars deliberately vilifying Brotherhood students.

Constituent Assembly Seeks to Hear ElBaradei, Zewail and Al-Baz Views, Suggestions

Egypt’s constitution-writing panel has held 50 hearing sessions, received 6500 suggestions for additions to the country’s first post-revolution national charter, and made 21 visits to provinces and universities across the

MB and Socialists Together in the Students’ Elections for the First Time in 16 Years

The “Free Ones in Cairo University” gained a large proportion of the votes in the run-off in the Student Union’s elections.

Committee announces rerun of student union after its dissolution

In conformity with the January 25 principles to instil transparency and justice Ahmed Gamal Eldin Mousa newly appointed education minister, has confirmed that The Egyptian Higher Council of Universities dissolved