Egyptian women


Rights Group: Detention Conditions of Egyptian Women, Girls in Sisi’s Dark Dungeons Worsen

A report on human rights issued by the Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms (ECRF) revealed that the number of women languishing in Egypt junta’s dark dungeons in September

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Mourns Syria Martyrs; Vows Victory for Arab Spring Revolutions

Egypt's Anti-Coup women alliance reaffirms that the Revolution in both Syria and Egypt must go on until ultimate triumph over the murderous traitors who rule over and massacre the people

Anti-Coup Sinai Women Movement Message on International Women’s Day

Sinai Women Against the Coup vows steadfast peaceful resistance in the face of junta forces' brutal genocide in North Sinai, until the ouster of all putschists and reinstatement of democracy

Torture Fears in Qena General Prison as Inmate Badly Maimed by New Chief

A notoriously brutal prison officer causes serious concerns torturing and badly injuring an inmate, after getting a suspended sentence for torturing another to death.

ERC: Egypt’s Violations Against Women

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 Press statement

Women Against the Coup Urges Rights Organizations to Help Stop Coup Violence, Atrocities

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Egypt's nationwide women movement condemns junta regime violations against Egyptian women, and calls on all rights organizations to stand

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition: Junta Prisons Hide Many Tortured Esraas

Anti-Coup women alliance urges all Egyptians and the world community to actively support efforts to free women and girls incarcerated and tortured by the repressive coup regime for no crime

Rights Organization Condemns Continued Detention of Egypt Women

Afro-Arab Center for Freedoms and Human Rights slams the military coup regime in Egypt for its relentless campaign of arbitrary arrest and detention of Egyptian girls and women for political

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Warns of Coup Plot Against Legitimate President Morsi

Egypt's revolutionary women coalition expresses concern for the life of the democratically elected President Morsi in junta jails, and urges Egyptians to continue revolutionary resistance until victory.

Revolutionary Women Coalition Reminds of Egypt Orphans

On the World Orphans Day, Egypt's revolutionary women coalition reminds of the plight of thousands of orphaned, detained and tortured children in Egypt.