Egyptian Workers


Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on International Workers’ Day

On International Workers’ Day, we remind the world of the abuse Egypt’s workers suffer, like the rest of Egyptians. The military coup turned Egypt into a camp to absorb its

Muslim Brotherhood on International Workers Day: Military Junta Trample All Rights

A statement by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood urging workers and all citizens to rise in revolt to oust the traitorous junta-appointed regime and reinstate democratic legitimacy.

Muslim Brotherhood Warns Against Involving Egyptian Army in Libyan Quagmire

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls on military junta to stop using Egyptian army like hired militias doing brutal atrocities in Libya and elsewhere.

Egypt Government Affirms Respect for Covenants on Labor Relations and Freedoms

Marking the International Workers’ Day, Egypt’s minister of Manpower and Emigration vows to improve labor laws, especially those relating to labor rights and freedoms.

Freedom and Justice Party: Egypt Lives Important Stage of Democratic Transition; Seeks to Establish Rule

Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Katatni meets with South Korean Ambassador, who is confident Egypt will get through the current bottleneck of essential transformation.

Khaled Azhari : Syndicate Freedoms Law a General Union of Workers Top Priority

GUW dialogue with workers helps settle labor disputes quickly, averts legal and strike action.

Seven Dead and Dozens Under the Rubble Communicating with Their Families Via Mobile Phones

The number of fatalities from the collapsed clothing factory in Alexandria reached seven while the search continues.

Michael Jansen: Wooing voters with goodies, not action

Next Sunday Egyptians go to the polls to choose 508 members of parliament from among 5,200 candidates. Among those standing are 380 women and 80 Coptic Christians. Sixty-four seats are

Dismissed workers stage protests demanding reimbursement

Workers from the state-owned Mahalla Textile Company, the Petotrade Company Rural Health Guides, Misr-Iran Textile Company, Ameriya Textile Company, Indorama Shebine Textile Company, Mansoura-Espagna Textile Company, and the Future Company

Journalists protest against military trial of workers

Political forces organized a protest in solidarity with workers from Factory 99-Harbi (Helwan Company for Engineering Industries). They protested in front of the Egyptian Press Syndicate. Protestors consisted of civilian