Egyptian Workers


Egypt must not try factory workers before a military court

Amnesty international has condemned the trial before an Egyptian military court of eight factory workers, all civilians, detained after taking part in a protest against poor safety conditions at the

Mubarak’s Regime may be a Victim of its Own Success

By focusing on western demands for economic restructuring – and the personal enrichment that has accompanied it – Egypt’s ruling elites have become almost comically out of touch with their

The rising class struggle

This year has seen a dramatic increase in political dissent and workers' protests in Hosni Mubarak's Egypt.

MB delegation to attend Annual workers Conference

A Muslim Brotherhood delegation will attend the annual Egyptian Workers conference scheduled to be held at the Press Syndicate's Premises tomorrow .

Security Forces assault protesting Amonisto employees

Egyptian Security Forces attacked Amonisto Company employees Sunday May 23, while they were protesting in front of Parliament. Tens were injured and more than 20 workers arrested. Journalists were also

Mubarak’s words anger opposition who argue that he practise what he preaches

An angry response from Egypt 's opposition echoed throughout the country after President Mubarak accused the opposition of failing to reach the country's poor through meaningless slogans.

Arab-American company employees join protests in front of parliament

Dozens of workers from the Arab-American Company for Economic and Industrial Development joined the labourers' protest in front of Parliament calling for their financial dues.

Egypt: sweeping reform needed to protect workers’ rights

“The authorities must mark International Workers’ Day by announcing sweeping legal and institutional reforms to promote and protect labor rights, including by allowing for workers to organize freely and form

Ketan Tanta and Salemko laborers Protest

Workers at theTanta Company for Ketan resumed their open strike in front of the Council of Ministers in Cairo after suspending the stand for 45 days. The workers industrial action

Shebin Textiles workers protest while Security Forces in Hamoul thwarts another

More than 300 workers and early pensioners from Shebin's Textile and Spinning Company, protested today in front of the Workers Union Club in Shebin El-Kom. The protestors demanded their annual