Egyptian Workers


Blue and white collar workers have common ground in Egypt

Egypt’s Investment Minister Mahmoud Mohieldin said Egyptian labor protests were focused on wages and contract demands at specific firms and did not pose a broader risk to local or foreign

POMED Notes: “Justice for All: the Struggle for Workers Rights in Egypt”

Kamal Abbas kicked off the discussion by noting that Egypt was put on a blacklist of countries to be reviewed about labor and workers rights, which makes the timing of

Egypt’s laborers and employees are gaining political power

While Western and Egyptian media have been preoccupied in recent years with small demonstrations in downtown Cairo protesting the widely-held belief that President Hosni Mubarak is grooming his son Gamal

Labor Elections: Painful History, Dark Future

The Egyptian political arena is witnessing, these days, labor elections that are considered the strongest and hottest throughout its history, more than 100 years. Egypt’s first labor union was established

Egypt: MB Candidates Win despite Vote Rigging, Crackdown

In spite of security crackdowns and repressive measures against them, the Muslim Brotherhood candidates achieved a landslide win in the first phase of election in Cairo, Alexandria and other governorates

Egypt: Sawaseya Says Detentions Threaten Freedoms

Sawaseya Centre For Human Rights and Prevention of Discrimination on October 22, 2006, released a statement in which it condemned the security crackdowns on the candidates of the Labors’ Union

Egypt: MB Platform For Labor Union Elections

As the Workers’ Union election is drawing near, all workers live  a wait and see state of affairs, with debates and questions among them as to how free and fair