Egyptian Youth


Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on International Workers’ Day

On International Workers’ Day, we remind the world of the abuse Egypt’s workers suffer, like the rest of Egyptians. The military coup turned Egypt into a camp to absorb its

Ibrahim Monir Lays Out Muslim Brotherhood’s Position on Initiatives to Resolve Egyptian Crisis

Ibrahim Monir, Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman, welcomed any initiatives or sincere patriotic efforts to end the current crisis and roadblocks in Egypt under the current difficult circumstances, stressing that there

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Reiterating Full Rejection of Upcoming “Presidential Elections” in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood confirms its unwavering position rejecting the military coup and any illegal measures taken by its authority, including the farce of the "presidential elections", which is an attempt

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Seventh Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution

On January 25, seven years ago, the Muslim Brotherhood participated, with all spectrums of the Egyptian people, in the greatest popular revolution in the modern era, which inspired the World

Egypt Anti-Coup Youth Groups Mobilize for January 25 Revolution Restart

Egypt's anti-coup youth groups exhort all Egyptians to unite and close ranks to launch an effective wave of non-violent protests that will oust the military junta and its putschist regime

Arab Media Freedom Monitor Annual Report: 100 Journalists Jailed in 2015

While journalists die a slow and painful death in junta prisons and detention centers in Egypt, world community silence encourages the illegitimate regime's brutal authorities to do their worst.

International Campaign to Stop the Execution of President Morsi and Others

A campaign to gather support for stopping the execution of the first elected Egyptian civilian president and hundreds of political dissidents called “Stop the Execution of Democracy: Stop the Execution

Facebook Page Commemorates Tarek Ghandour

The 88th prisoner killed in junta jails by deliberate medical-care negligence, university professor Dr. Ghandour, is remembered in a Facebook page set up in his name.