Revolutionary Coalition Condemns Hunt, Detention of Egyptian Women

Egypt's revolutionary women coalition denounces the coup regime's relentless campaign of terror and brutality against women of Egypt.

Statement by the Families of Kidnapped Presidential Team

The families of the legitimate presidential team offer all Egyptians in constant vigils across Egypt, and all Arabs and Muslims all over the world, their best wishes for a great

Killing in Cairo: the full story of the Republican Guards’ club shootings | World news

In the early hours of 8 July 2013, 51 Muslim Brotherhood supporters camped outside the Republican Guards' club in Cairo were killed by security forces. The Egyptian military claimed the

Eight Muslim Brotherhood, Other Leaders Moved to High-Security Prison, in Violation of Law

The military ‘democracy’ in Egypt shows as much respect for the law as it did for the Constitution, transferring 8 Islamist leaders to the toughest jail in the country, pending

Egypt Parliament Human Rights Committee Demands President Morsi Visit

Shura Council’s Human Rights Committee is pushing for a visit by an international medical team to visit President Morsi who is being held without charge by putschists in an undisclosed

National Alliance in Support of Legitimacy Invites Egyptian People to Million-Man Rally Monday

Vowing to continue their huge sit-ins, already in their 17th day, across Egypt, pro-democracy, pro-Morsi protesters urge all citizens to join massive march on Monday.

National Conscience Front: Democracy and Human Rights in Egypt at Grave Risk

With the security apparatus’ rapidly escalating witch-hunt of Islamists, shuttering of TV stations and newspapers, and even cold-blooded mass murders sponsored by the putschists and the military regime, an expeditious

FJP’s Erian: Army Erred in Monday Statement; Will Not Allow Attempts to Sabotage Democracy

FJP leader Erian says that the military’s 48-hour notice statement was a mistake, and vows to never allow anyone to violate democratic rules and principles.

Erian Calls for Strong Diplomatic Message to Secure Release of Egyptian Detainees in UAE

While Egypt appreciates previous honorable UAE stances, FJP leader Erian believes better communications are needed to effect the release of Egyptians detained in the UAE, without delay.

Alliance of Egyptians Detained in UAE: New Arrests Blatant Violation of Human Rights

Families of Egyptians detained in the UAE condemn yet another wave of unjustified arrests that evidently violate human rights of innocent people.