Egyptians Abroad


Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Mass Murderer Will Rule Egypt

As voting in the illegitimate presidential election begins across the country, patriotic Egyptians shun the blood ballot, leaving polling stations empty.

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls ‘The People Lead The Revolution’ Demonstrations Campaign

Vowing to persist in positive, peaceful protest action, Egypt’s coalition of pro-democracy groups and movements calls for a week-long campaign under the title ‘The People Lead The Revolution’.

Families of 15 Egyptians Detained in UAE Press for Freedom for Relatives

While UAE authorities continue to hold Egyptians in an unprecedented state of legal limbo, detainees’ families take more forceful legal action demanding their immediate release.

Karioni: Egypt Doctors’ Union Denounces Detention of Egyptian Doctors by Emirati Authorities

Egyptian Medical Syndicate’s Liberties Committee head condemns unjustified arrest of three Egyptian doctors by Emirati authorities, adding that the Syndicate will not accept such violation of Egyptians’ rights.

United Arab Emirates Detains Three Egyptian Doctors Without Charges

Egyptian medical association calls on Foreign Ministry to quickly intervene to effect the release of three Egyptian doctors who have been arrested and their computers confiscated by Emirati authorities.

Hossam Ghariani: Constituent Assembly and New Constitution Statistics Speak for Themselves

Egyptian charter-writing committee says members spent 1862 work-hours, received and dealt with more than a million opinions and comments, and held 160 hearing sessions and 488 dynamic discussion plenary sessions,

Morsi Sets Up Advisory Council Representing Egyptians Abroad

Egyptian President Morsi creates a new advisory body to specifically serve Egyptian expats, and to also benefit from their experiences, skills and the advanced technologies available in the countries where

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constituent Assembly Final Formation

The FJP announces completion of the arduous task of forming the constitution-writing panel entrusted with authoring the country’s new national charter.

Muslim Brotherhood: Presidential Council Good Idea, Lacks Legitimacy

Although the Brotherhood sees some good aspects in presidential council suggestion, it rejects it – after careful study by legal experts – as constitutionally infeasible and impracticable.

Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Presidential Elections

Translation of Egypt’s Brotherhood and FJP statement regarding the country’s first post-revolution presidential elections just one week away, with voting already started for Egyptians abroad.