El-Baradei: MB’s Great Role in the Signatures Campaign for the Revolution

Dr Mohamed El-Baradei, possible candidate for the presidency, revealed the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the signature campaign which was distributed by the National Association for Change, in the

Security Threats for Activists Hours before the Egyptian Day of Rage

The Popular Campaign in Support of El-Baradei and the demands for change condemned the security campaign against its members in the different governorates as well as the security threats during

Many Voices United for Change – Egypt ’s Shadow Parliament

Egypt's controversial new parliament convened Monday, and it was filled almost entirely with members of the ruling party.

Egypt – Pawn in a Losing Game?

The Middle East is turbulent. In the midst of war, threats of war and oppression, the Egyptian election took place and it was marred by voter intimidation, fraud, and a

Coordinator of El-Baradei Campaign Resigns

Poet, Abdel Rahman Yousef, announced his resignation from his post as coordinator for the campaign “Supporting El-Baradei and the Demands for Change” for personal reasons.

El-Baradei Calls on Independents and the Opposition to Resign from Parliament

Upon his return to Cairo a week ago, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, chairman of The National Association for Change (NAC), communicated with his supporters through “Twitter”.

Mubarak Is President, but not for Long

President Mubarak – confident (having vote rigging down to a fine art) that he will be Egypt’s president for life - has gone to great lengths to proudly retain power

The Winds of Change as the Muslim Brotherhood and El-Baradei Close Ranks

The Egyptian regime can not just sneak away from the polls; their fraud is not going unnoticed and is not without consequences.

El-Baradei: NAC Will Cooperate with MB and Egyptian Regime is Nervous

Former Head of IAEA, Mohammed El-Baradei, has stated that the National Association for change (NAC) is discussing the urge for change in Egypt, possible cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood in

For the First Time El-Baradei Harrassed at Cairo Airport

Egypt's former UN nuclear watchdog, Chief Mohamed El-Baradei was subject to harrassment by security officers at Cairo Airport as soon as he arrived yesterday. He was stopped by officials while