Amr Darrag: All Opposition Voices Welcome

The FJP's Amr Darrag affirms the revolutionary movement welcomes all anti-coup groups and individuals.

Egypt has been warned of the violence to come – by General Sisi himself

The general's recent speech can only be read as a precursor to a bloody campaign of repression against the Egyptian people

Calls for ElBaradei Nobel award to be revoked

The Arabic Organisation for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR) has called for the board of the Nobel Peace Prize to revoke the award given to Mohamed ElBaradei in 2005.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Electoral Legitimacy Martyrs

Yet more innocent, honorable Brothers fall in horrific and totally unjustified attacks by old regime figures who hire the most hardened criminals to kill and maim in a desperate attempt

FJP Statement on the Opposition’s Systematic Acts of Violence Across Egypt

Translation of the Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Tuesday’s wave of co-ordinated criminal acts of arson, anarchy and vandalism.

Erian: Brotherhood and FJP Still Most Ardent Seekers of Cooperation, Dialogue with All Parties

Freedom and Justice Party deputy leader reaffirms that the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing are by far the keenest on dialogue and national harmony.

Egypt Minister of Supply Bassem Ouda Profile – Success Story Loathed by Salvation Front

For long months, the so-called National Salvation Front rejected dialogue with the government and the Presidency, setting the most absurd pre-conditions, the latest of which is dismissal of the best

Egypt’s unreasonable opposition

Egypt's opposition leaders hate the Muslim Brotherhood more than they love Egypt, a situation dangerous for all Egyptians

FJP: Katatni Meet with ElBaradei and Badawi Discussed Government, Fair Elections

Accepting an invitation from National Salvation Front leaders Badawi and ElBaradei, Katatni discussed Saturday forming a new government, the latest developments in the Egyptian arena, and guarantees for fairness in

Ahmed Arif: Ongoing Violence Challenges Egypt’s Peaceful Revolution

ElBaradei, leader of the NSF, Egypt’s broad coalition of diverse and conflicting political forces, shows his hand, as he threatens continued violence, if a new Cabinet is not formed –