Dr.Morsy : The continuous arrests and host of unjust accusations against the MB will not

Press spokesman for the MB Dr Mohamed Morsy asserted that the recent arrests on a large number of the Muslim Brotherhood's senior members was an evident indication of the real

MB Executive Bureau detainees rise and investigations begin

Dr Ossama Nasr the latest victim from the MB Executive Bureau who was arrested late Thursday is expected to be brought before prosecutors in Cairo later today.

Dr. Osama Nasr and others detained with no investigations

Security Services in Behera city is still detaioning Dr. Osama Nasr, member of the Guidance Bureau and 11 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) from Damanhour city. They are

Not your average crackdown

At first glance, the crackdown by the Egyptian authorities on the Muslim Brotherhood closely resembles earlier security campaigns.

ANHR:Prisoners of conscience must be released

The Arabic Network for Human Rights today strongly denounced the escalating campaign against members and activists of Muslim Brothers in Egypt, as security arrested15 members of the Movement, including Mahmoud

Cairo: 15 day detention order to MB leaders.

State prosecution has issued a 15 day detention order to the MB leaders who were arrested recently in the ruling regimes latest sweep against the opposition.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders detained

Egyptian security forces Monday arrested a deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and two other senior leaders as the country prepares for new elections.

E-Campaign for the release of Dr. Ezzat and his brothers

Following the fierce arrest campaign of the MB members and leaders, a number of internet activists made a new group on facebook in solidarity with the arrested ones as they

Muslim Brotherhood condemn the fierce security attack against top Brotherhood members

Egyptians shocked when the Egyptian authorities swooped on the opposition Muslim Brotherhood before dawn on Monday, February 8, 2010, arresting number of its top leaders, led by Brotherhood deputy Chairman