Election 2005


Update: WikiLeaks Cables On Muslim Brotherhood

Wikileaks: Mubarak “hates Hamas, and considers them the same as Egypt’s own Muslim Brotherhood, which he sees as his own most dangerous political threat.”

Ibn Khaldoun Centre Launches a Campaign “To Bring Election Forgers to Justice”

The Independent Committee for Monitoring Elections which has monitored the elections through 3600 observers in 76 constituencies, stated that it is to launch a legal campaign to sue those who

EASD: 903 Observers Arrested and 348 Expelled from Polling Stations

The Egyptian Association for Supporting Democratic Development (EASD) has released reports evaluating the vote counting procedures following Egypt’s parliamentary elections.

Politicians: Vote-Rigging Put an End to Peaceful Change

Ikhwanweb interviewed a number of intellectuals and political analysts about what happened in the controversial parliamentary election and its impact on efforts to make the desired change and prevent hereditary

MB media spokesman: “The Judiciary Will Decide on the Next Parliament as Being Void

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and member of the executive bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed that the judiciary will rule against the next parliament as being void, especially

State Security Officers Threaten family of former MB candidate

Eldest daughter of MB MP, Magdi Ashour, said she is scared to be harassed by security forces engaged in different types of pressure.

Election Victory with No Glory

It comes as no surprise that Mubarak’s NDP claims it will win unchallenged after the two largest opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood with its extensive following, boycotted a contest

Increasing Tension as WikiLeaks Rocks More than One Boat

Uncovering the cover-ups, WikiLeaks has received blanket coverage this week on all media outlets around the world.

International Conference to Discuss Violations of Egypt’s Poll

The Independent Committee for Elections Monitoring has organized an international press conference on Tuesday December 7, at the Ibn Khaldun Center to discuss Egypt’s 2010 parliamentary poll and the deterioration

Sadat Submits Complaint to the Public Prosecutor Accusing NDP’s Ahmed Ezz of Poll Rigging

Anwar Esmat Sadat, is submitting a complaint to the public prosecutor accusing NDP’s Ahmed Ezz and the party’s bureau of poll rigging as they are ordered to facilitate fraud and