Election Law


FJP’s Ashri: Election and Political Rights Law Must Be Finalized without Further Delay

FJP leader Ashri highlights the importance of finally passing election and political rights laws in order to safeguard Egypt’s march on the long and laborious path of democratic transformation.

Egypt Constitutional Court Reviews Election Law

Parliament’s Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee: House elections will be held in mid-September or at the beginning of October, once approved by the Constitutional Court.

Sobhi Saleh: Parliament Will Send New Election Law for Constitutional Court Review Soon

Egypt’s Shura Council affirms new parliamentary poll law will be drawn up and submitted to the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court for approval within days.

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Welcomes All Constructive Ideas

Katatni urges all Egyptians to close ranks behind elected President in order to achieve required security, prosperity and dignity.

Freedom and Justice Party Respects Elections Committee Decision to Suspend Vote

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, affirms it will abide by the elections panel’s ruling to temporarily halt legislative poll.

Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood: We Respect Rule of Law

Leaders and media spokespersons for Egypt Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, have expressed respect for the Administrative Court’s decision to refer elections law back to the Supreme

Tosson Urges Community Dialogue to Discuss Election Law Constitutional Court Opinion

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Tosson urges more positive community dialogue and internal Shura Council discussions on Egypt’s Constitutional Court demands for amendments of certain articles in draft law on parliamentary

Egypt’s Election: Don’t Panic

Egypt's first post-Mubarak elections are scheduled to begin in less than two weeks. It would be hard to exaggerate how badly the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has

MB offshoot calls for discussion of election law

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front called for nationwide dialogue to create a modern and democratic election law after it had announced it would boycott the parliamentary elections

Jordan: MB political arm remains committed to boycotting elections

The Jordanian government’s recent proposal to the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan has apparently failed in its bid to convince the group to participate in the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections.