Muslim Brotherhood’s Tamimi: Conservatives Victory Has No Negative Repercussions

Azzam Tamimi, Leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, says the investigation into group affairs is at an end.

Anti-Coup Jurists Urge Coup Election Boycott

Egypt's pro-legitimacy Independence of the Judiciary Front calls for a total boycott for the junta's forthcoming sham 'parliamentary election'.

Egypt Constitutional Court Reviews Election Law

Parliament’s Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee: House elections will be held in mid-September or at the beginning of October, once approved by the Constitutional Court.

Saleh: Elections, Political Rights Laws Close Loopholes; Constitutional Court Decision Binding

Egypt lawmakers assure new House of Representatives and Political Practice Rights close all potential loopholes.

Erian: Freedom and Justice Party Legal Experts Review Election Halt with Opposition Parties

Despite FJP resolve to abide by Egypt Administrative Court’s ruling to refer elections law back to the Supreme Constitutional Court – which is bound to delay parliamentary poll, Erian urges

Badie: Revolution Anniversary Reminds of Need for Cooperation and Forgiveness

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood chief Badie calls for reconciliation, tolerance and cooperation on the January 25 revolution’s second anniversary, reminding that Egypt needs all its citizens’ best efforts.

Saleh: Constitutional Court Reviews Election Law Before Race for House of Representatives

By virtue of the new Constitution, and in order to stop the incredulous squandering of precious resources, Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court is to review relevant laws before and not after

Freedom and Justice Party Congratulates Obama on Re-Election As US President

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, congratulates Obama on second term of office, following the US President’s win in the elections earlier today.

President Reiterates Rejection of Encroaching on Judicial Authority

Egypt’s President Morsi assures heads of judicial bodies that he has no intention of interfering with their work, reiterating that he will protect the independence of the judiciary.

Press Release No. 5 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Millions of Egyptians have been turning out to vote for their new president, in a calm and dignified atmosphere, while some worry about the tremendous tasks looming on the horizon