Elections in Egypt


US Official: Int’l Monitoring of Egypt’s Elections Ensures Credibility

According to Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman the US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, the issue of international monitoring of elections in Egypt is a decision to be made

The US national image and its contradictions

Lawrence Davidson analyses the reasons behind the widening gulf between the US national self-image as “the world’s prime purveyor of good government, stability and progress” and the reality of imperial

A just peace, not religion is the solution in the Middle East

Uri Avnery argues that only Palestinian statehood and a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict offer a chance to stem the tide of religious fundamentalism that is filling in the

Sharqeya MB fields 11 candidates including one female

The Muslim Brotherhood, members in the Egyptian governorate of Sharqeya has announced the names of 11 members nominated to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections including one female contender.

MB announces names of fielded candidates

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced names of candidates fielded in Egypt 's upcoming parliamentary elections. During press conferences the MB in the constituencies of Gharbeya and Qalyubiya have named 10

Lawyers will not be prevented from monitoring elections

The Sharia Committee and the Freedoms Committee at the Lawyers Syndicate has begun receiving applications from lawyers wishing to monitor the upcoming parliamentary elections under the initiative “A Lawyer for

Updated : 10 MB arrests in Daqahleya after announcing participation in elections

Arbitrary arrests began early dawn shortly after the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie confirmed that the group would partake in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Opposition trends condemn MB arrests

National political opposition in the Daqahleya governorate denounced the unjust arbitrary arrest of 10 Muslim Brotherhood members hours after the group’s chairman announced it would take part in the elections.

Former parliamentary candidates warn of repeating Shura election rigging

Former Shura Candidates warned of a re-run of the sham which took place in June's mid-term Shura Council elections in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

President Mubarak warns against mixing religion with politics

President Mubarak’s annual October 6 speech addressed numerous issues concerning both regional and domestic topics.