Elections in Egypt


Finding Meaning in the Egyptian Elections

It would be easy to dismiss Egypt’s November 29 parliamentary elections as just one more chapter in Egypt’s rather sad recent electoral history.

Former parliamentary candidates warn of repeating Shura election rigging

Former Shura Candidates warned of a re-run of the sham which took place in June's mid-term Shura Council elections in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Wafd Party: Opposition will not be silenced

MP Mohamed Shordy and Al-Wafd party spokesman warned that thugs are being recruited by the ruling party to stir violence during the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for November.

Skepticism looms as US Senate pushes for free elections in Egypt

Many analysts remain skeptical of a Senate draft resolution currently in the works to urge Egyptian government "to take all steps necessary to ensure that upcoming elections are free, fair,

Opposition remains undecided for elections

A meeting on Wednesday by the political opposition to discuss possible boycotting of upcoming parliamentary elections ended with undecided responses still awaiting the government's decision concerning demands for political reform

Islamist shortcomings

Several days ago, Nathan Brown, a political science professor at George Washington University, and I completed the manuscript for a book that will be published soon by the Carnegie Endowment

14 MB nominated in upcoming Shura elections

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, Dr. Mohamed Morsy confirmed that 14 members of the group were successful in handing in applications to run as candidates in the upcoming Shura council elections.

Basyouny: Judges’ authorities must be restored if any participation in elections is to take place.

Chancellor Ismail Basyouny President of the Judiciary Club has asserted in a statement to Ikhwanonline that the judiciary will not participate in the supervision of the up-coming elections.

Inauguration of Egyptians For Free and Fair Elections

Among the activists who participated in the inauguration of the "Egyptians for free and fair elections" on the steps of the Press Syndicate are the Coordinator of the Movement Counselor

Muslim Brotherhood’s opinion in a Newsletter 14.10.2009, (The Constitutional Struggle for Voting Rights Continues)

The Muslim Brotherhood's constant decision in which they firmly assert their running for the up-coming elections where the movement will discuss each case running for general election announcing the movement's