Elections Law


Freedom and Justice Party: Some Still Desperate to Drag Judiciary into Political Conflict

After laying to waste about two billion Egyptian pounds (over $333mil) by insisting on the sacking of Egypt’s first postrevolution elected lower house of parliament, the country’s Constitutional Court now

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Supports Women, Right of Peaceful Demonstration

FJP Chairman Katatni reiterates party policy to empower women and support peaceful protest and demonstration rights.

FJP Urges Amendment of Elections Law As Suggested by Constitutional Court

Recognizing that there is no time to lose, in order to avoid putting back parliamentary elections, Mukhtar Ashri agrees to amendments suggested by Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court.

FJP Welcomes Constitutional Court Decision to Amend Elections Law

Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court says certain articles in draft parliamentary elections law require changes before law is finally passed.

Katatni Submits Initiative to Amend Parliamentary Elections Law

Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni proposes in a national dialogue session at the Presidential Palace Monday ideas for elections law amendments aimed at defusing current crisis with opposition.

Katatni Denies Lodging Complaint with the President About Dissolution of Parliament

On the ninth of July 2012, Egypt’s Administrative Court is to look into the generals’ decision to disband the first freely and fairly elected Parliament.