Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi is an Illegitimate President, Election is a Farce

 Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman, Dr. Talaat Fahmy, reiterated the group’s position regarding the so called “presidential elections” taking place in Egypt, where the coup leader, General Abdul Fattah al Sisi,

Egyptian “Presidential” Elections: The Dictator Runs Alone!

 Many say that so called “the re-election” of El Sisi, who is expected to announce his candidacy in the next few days, is conclusive and that the result will be

In a Letter to UK Foreign Minister, Deputy Chairman Ibrahim Mounir Rebukes Violence Remarks

To the Honorable Boris Johnson, Minister of Foreign Affairs, United Kingdom I hope that this message finds you in the best of health, spirit, and success. I have had the

Opposition Campaign to Boycott 2018 Egyptian Elections

 A number of prominent politicians, activists, and journalists launched a campaign to boycott the upcoming 2018 elections by Sisi coup regime in Egypt.     Among signatories to campaign launching

Gamal Heshmat: Egypt 2018 Elections a Farce; Opposition Must Unite to Expose Sham Democracy

Gamal Heshmat, Muslim Brotherhood senior leader, said: "Any unilateral participation in the upcoming presidential election in Egypt is a shameful recognition of the military coup, lending it legitimacy the junta

Spokesman Fahmi: Muslim Brotherhood Does Not Recognize Any Elections without President Morsi

Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said the group "does not recognize, or have any thing to do with, elections that may be held in Egypt" in the group’s first official

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Jordan’s Islamic Action Front Party on Elections Win

 The Muslim Brotherhood warmly congratulates the Islamic Action Front (IAF) Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, for the great victory in the municipal and provincial councils

ERC Slams US House Judiciary Committee Bill Labeling Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist

The ERC issues a statement describing as absurd the US House Judiciary Committee bill that seeks to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Hails Turkish Elections Success

The office of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood abroad offers its sincere congratulations to the Turkish people for their positive turnout and firm determination, and their jealous regard for their civil

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Indomitable Will, Unstoppable Revolution’ Protest Week

The broadbased anti-coup coalition in Egypt salutes revolutionaries in all parts of the Arab world and calls a fresh week of peaceful protest action.