Electoral Process


Egypt Legislative Elections in Three Phases, Under Full Judicial Supervision

As Justice Mohamed Al-Tanboli announces that Egypt’s upcoming House of Representatives elections will be conducted in three stages, the FJP prepares its roadmap of electoral coalitions.

Morsi Campaign’s Legal Team Submits 134 Electoral Complaints to Presidential Elections Committee

While Shafiq’s legal team reported 8 formal complaints of electoral ‘violations’, Morsi’s submitted 134, which it discussed with the elections committee earlier on Wednesday.

Al-Shater: Morsi Win an Important Step towards New Political System

The Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader reaffirms that the current phase of Egypt’s precarious democratic transformation requires the people to be alert and aware as ever, a strong broad-based government and

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on The Complementary Constitutional Declaration

There is one word to describe the interim ruling Military Council (SCAF)’s rush to dissolve Egypt’s first ever freely elected parliament, ostensibly because the SCAF-made law on which parliamentary elections

Mohamed Morsi Campaign Press Release (1) – Runoff Presidential Elections, Second Day

The second day of the final round of Egypt’s first competitive presidential race in many long decades progressed smoothly enough, despite the scorching hot sun and the ‘usual’ irregularities, violations

Morsi Central Campaign’s Statement on Constitutional Court Rulings

After a court acts out of jurisdiction to dissolve the constitution-writing Assembly, and another acquits Mubarak’s top aides and police commanders of all murder and corruption charges, on Thursday another

Press Release No. 12 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Morsi’s presidential campaign pleads with media outlets to comply with basic professional principles of journalism and refrain from publishing or broadcasting as news unfounded fabricated fables from unreliable sources.

Press Release No. 7 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

It’s looking more certain by the minute that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate is heading for victory in Egypt’s crucial presidential elections for which polling ended at 9PM (7PM GMT) earlier

Press Release No. 3 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

The first day of voting in Egypt’s first post-revolution presidential elections draws to a close in a quiet atmosphere of anticipation, as many people swear they were out to cast