The number of MB detainees rise to 368

The latest count of MB detainees has revealed that 368 members are currently detained in 7 of Egypt's prisons.

Egypt: Detained MB Dr Elewa faces more health complications

Tora Prison hospital has referred Dr Mohamed Saad Elewa who was arrested early February to Manial Hospital due to complications to his health owing to inappropriate medical equipment in the

Doctors examine Elewa to determine condition

Prosecutors are expected to decide on Dr Saad Elewa's detention after his earlier transfer to the Prison's hospital without medication caused complications

Elewa’s overruled appeal.

Unstable health conditions didn't serve as a suitable plea to grant Dr Saad Elewa the release order he deserved.

Lawyers challenge Dr. Elewa’s continued detention.

Elewa suffered a heart attack while he was being transferred after his arrest and was later moved to a local hospital where necessary check-ups and tests were made.