Emergency Court


MB emergency court hearing postponed after defendant suffers heart troubles

Egypt's emergency court has called for the postponement of the trial of five international members of the Muslim Brotherhood group after one defendant suffered heart troubles during the session.

MB Secretary General contemplates attending court case

Ibrahim Mounir, secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood opposition movement's international wing, confirmed he was contemplating whether or not to attend an Egyptian court session scheduled for July 14.

Lawyers’ strike postpones MB trial

The current crisis between lawyers and judges forced the postpoing of the "MB international network" case.

MB court case adjourned until July 14

The trial of five International Muslim Brotherhood members accused of money laundering has been postponed untill July 17 by an emergency court

ANHRI 2009 Report, Freedom of Expression in Egypt 2009

They asked me to write a promise to stay away of politics especially 6th April movement. Moreover they asked me to declare regret of ever joining 6th April movement to

Egypt charges MB members abroad with money laundering

5 alleged members in the "International networking" case were referred to an Egyptian State Security Emergency Court .