Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls “Enough Disasters” Protest Week

Invariably, whenever Egypt’s coup commander Sisi feels a surge in public anger, he resorts to foreign capitals for support in exchange for multi-billion dollar deals that Egypt has no need

Egypt National Alliance in New Protest Week: No Executions, No Emergency

As the world marks the 15th anniversary of the World Day Against the Death Penalty, the coup regime in Egypt celebrates in its own way: issuing more death sentences –

‘Engineers Against the Coup’ Calls for Protest Rally Saturday October 26

Under the banner of 'Victims of the Coup … Accountability', 'Engineers Against the CouUnder the banner of 'Victims of the Coup … Accountability', 'Engineers Against the Coup' declares demands.p' declares

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: A Month Passes Since Rabaa and Nahda Massacres

Cairo – September 16, 2013: A month after their security apparatus massacred peaceful protesters in a violent and vengeful crackdown on Rabaa and Al-Nahda vigils, the loathsome putschists are still

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Egypt Putschists Extending State of Emergency

The Brotherhood condemns the state of emergency imposed in Egypt and the extension announced by the military-installed puppet regime as constrains on citizens’ freedom.

Freedom and Justice Party Demands Independent Investigations into Allegations of Rights Violations

Freedom and Justice Party leader Heshmat submits a formal request to Egypt Shura Council (upper house of parliament) demanding impartial inquiries into all cases of torture and fair punishment for

Health Minister: Full Hospital Security Top Priority

Egypt’s newly sworn-in Minister of Health pledges permanent and reliable solutions to the problems of attacks and assaults against doctors and staff inside the country’s hospitals.

Katatni: Pressures Failed to Extend Emergency Law

Although the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) did not formally ask Egyptian parliament to extend the notorious Emergency Law – brutally imposed for 31-years in Egypt –

Abdel-Maksoud Seeks to Quash All Mubarak Era Perverse Verdicts, Sentences Against Brotherhood

As Al-Shater is finally granted his legitimate rights, Brotherhood lawyer Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud begins appeals for investigations into other cases of grossly unfair trials and cruelly wrongful convictions during Mubarak’s reign.

MB: Selmi Initiatives Undemocratic, Constitutionalize Military Rule

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for resignation of Dr. Ali Selmi and Dr. Essam Sharaf’s Government in its entirety, if they insist on the adoption of so-called constitutional principles or