SCC: Political Corruption Impact of Central Government Corruption

A recent report by the Social Contract Centre (SCC), an affiliate of the Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Centre, has noted that there are types of political corruption.

The Thrill and Consequences of Tunisia

The whole world is watching Tunisia, and especially the people of the Arab world, which shares in many ways the needs for reform that birthed Tunisia’s popular revolution, notes Rami

Obama calls on African youth to be agents of change

U.S President Barack Obama met with young African leaders and urged them to work for change on their continent and bolster democracy, slamming many independence-era leaders who were elected but

Shebin Textiles workers protest while Security Forces in Hamoul thwarts another

More than 300 workers and early pensioners from Shebin's Textile and Spinning Company, protested today in front of the Workers Union Club in Shebin El-Kom. The protestors demanded their annual

Arab Youth

In the Arab world, it must be reminded, the youth (15-29 years) represents 30 percent of the total population, and 45 percent of the working-age population. Arab youth employment rates

Egypt: study shows youth have bad attitudes, negative impression of women

A survey Conducted recently on Egyptian children and youth by the Center for Information and Decision Support of the Egyptian Cabinet in cooperation with the International Population Council, found that