The Race for Primacy in the Middle East

The Middle East is about to change. No, the dysfunctional political systems are not about to become more free or fair or democratic. National economies are not going to improve

Erdogan: No relations with Israel until it apologizes

Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has affirmed that his government would not restore normal relations with Israel until it apologizes over the "savage attack" on the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara that

Prospects of constitutional reform in Turkey

Turkish politics is currently undergoing a heated political debate on the constitutional reform package (supported by Prime Minister Erdogan's ruling party), which is on its way to a referendum this

Erdogan says wont attend climate conference if Netanyahu attends

Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has said that he would not attend the Mediterranean climate conference in Athens in the event Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu attends.

Muslims need to counter growing Israeli Nazism, West won’t do the job for them

There should be very little doubt as to the direction toward which Israel is moving.

Erdogan: US is backing Israel’s state terrorism

-- Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has lashed out at the US administration for not denouncing the Israeli "terrorism" against Turkish citizens.

Israel worried about consolidation of Erdoganism

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has privately voiced his government's worries about the consolidation of "Erdoganism" in Turkey following Sunday's referendum which gave Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan additional

Turks vote ‘yes’ in referendum

The European Commission had earlier accused the government of stifling public debate over the proposals, while backing Ankara's attempt to reorganise the judiciary.

Prominent rabbi tells Erdogan: There can be no peace without Hamas

A prominent rabbi from a settlement in the West Bank has informed Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that there can be no real peace in occupied Palestine or the

Erdogan and the future of… Egypt

Egypt, like Turkey, is a large and important country. Culturally Egypt is by far the most important Arab state and significantly, the Muslim Brotherhood has its origins there. Quite a