Egypt’s Aqrab Prison Hell: Slow Death, Chemicals Sprayed on Hundreds of Political Prisoners

Aqrab Prison detainees suffer extreme humiliation and brutal abuse from the prison administration almost daily, amid fears of a repeat of slow-death atrocities in this notorious jail. Ahmed Aref, Muslim

FJP Leader Erian Tribute to Egypt Christians Republished

As Egypt’s Copts celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on ‘Hosanna Sunday’ (April 28), and prepare for the Passion Week starting April 29, FJP deputy chief Erian wishes all

FJP’s Erian: Imprisoning Egypt President Unmasks Putschists’ Fascist Regime

Deputy head of the FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, condemns illegitimate decision by the military coup commanders to jail their elected President without due process.

FJP Condemns Mansoura Explosions; Denounces Violence; Will Continue Peaceful Protest

Freedom and Justice Party deputy leader Erian reaffirms that the party strongly rejects all forms of violence, vowing to continue its commitment to peacefulness in all activities.

Erian to Sisi: Your Threat Will Not Stop Pro-Democracy Millions Massing to Reject Coup

In his latest speech, coup commander General Al-Sisi seeks a ‘popular’ excuse for an ever more bloody and violent crackdown on Egypt’s Islamists.

Erian Denies Guardian Report; Affirms FJP and Brotherhood Never Met Military Putschists

FJP deputy leader Erian rejects as false a Guardian newspaper report that claimed the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm had secret meetings with military usurpers of power.

Fahmi and Erian: Egypt Upper House Will Not Recognize OR Legitimize Coup

Reversing democracy in postrevolution Egypt, the military council removed the country’s first elected President, promptly disbanded its legislature, and rushed to hunt and detain members of the largest political party,

Erian: Return of Legitimacy Only Start-point for Executable Road Map

FJP deputy chief Erian reaffirms complete rejection of coup-birthed, military-controlled political process, at the same time calling for even more massive peaceful protests, marches, rallies and sit-ins across Egypt.

Erian: No-One Should Deceive Themselves that There is No Military Coup in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP deputy chief is baffled by the blindfold some seem to be intent on using in a show of an almost total lack of principles.

Muslim Brotherhood Leaders and Morsi Supporters under Military Coup Repression

Coup authorities issue arrest warrants for top Freedom and Justice Party leaders, while they claim to seek broad-based national consensus.