Upper House Asks Supreme Judicial Council for Own Judicial Authority Law Amendments

As FJP’s Erian asserts that Egypt’s Judiciary must be consulted on amendments to law regulating its authority, Shura Council invites top judicial body to provide its own law amendments.

Muslim Brotherhood and FJP: Mubarak Trial Judge Recusal Decision Wise, Serves Justice

Trial of ousted Mubarak and top officials for complicity in killing peaceful demonstrators postponed as presiding judge steps down, referring case to Cairo Appeals Court.

Erian: Parliament Approval of House Bill Important Step in Building State Institutions

FJP leading figure Erian assures new broad-based government will follow House of Representatives elections, once the poll law is passed.

Erian: Unlimited NGO Freedom Guaranteed in New Law

FJP Vice-Chairman Erian assures new NGO law will serve the interests of the people, not the government; and will not allow for interference by any authority in NGO activity, except

Brotherhood and FJP Demand Action Against Contaminated Food Crisis Corruption

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, seek to eradicate the deep state corruption behind the food-poisoning outbreak that struck down over 500 Al-Azhar University students.

Freedom and Justice Party Congratulates Egyptian U-20 Youth Team at Cairo Airport

FJP leader Erian offered hearty congratulations to Egypt’s Under-20 soccer team who has just won African Championship’s final in Ghana.

Egypt Parliament Approves Political Rights and Elections Laws

Upper house of Egyptian parliament gives initial approval for political rights law and the elections law on which upcoming legislative poll is to be conducted.

Essam El-Erian: Muslim Brotherhood Will Serve Homeland Despite Troubles and Tribulations

As long decades of extreme and determined persecution, torture and execution in Egypt ironically helped the Brotherhood spread worldwide, now desperate acts of mindless violence will not derail its efforts

Erian: Legal Since 1928, Brotherhood Will Update Status with New NGO Law

Although in 1928, Egyptian judiciary granted the Muslim Brotherhood legal status that cannot be impugned, stripped off or withdrawn, the group seeks to update its status soon.

Freedom and Justice Party Respects Elections Committee Decision to Suspend Vote

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, affirms it will abide by the elections panel’s ruling to temporarily halt legislative poll.