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Egyptian President Morsi Appoints 4 Assistants and 17 Advisers in His Presidential Team

Ikhwanweb publishes full names of Mohamed Morsi’s presidential team, which – in its first phase – includes a woman university professor and a Christian intellectual among 4 assistants, as well

MB Chairman, Turkish President’s guest in Revolution celebrations

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood was at the head of the Brothers delegation in the luncheon which was held by the Turkish President Abdullah Gul, to celebrate

MB Rejects Allegations by PA Speaker that MB Seeks Religious State

PA speaker in Egypt Dr. Fathi Sorour and senior NDP member on Friday confirmed that any pressure by the US on Cairo for reforms may very well backfire and result

MB chairman engages in discussion with NAC leaders

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie met a delegation from the National Association for change at his office early Tuesday. General NAC Coordinator Dr. Abdul Galil Mustafa, Dr. Hassan Nafaa,

MB chairman meets with Wafd Party leader, stress reform and peaceful change

A Delegation from the Wafd Party head by its elected leader Dr. El Sayed Badawy met with Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie at the MB headquarters in what was

MB Chairman and former ambassador discuss Egypt ‘s future

Dr. Mohammed Badie the Muslim brotherhood chairman met with former ambassador Ibrahim Yousry at his office earlier today.

MB and Wafd Party leaders meet with promises of future dialogue

In a press conference following a meeting between a Muslim Brotherhood delegation and the Wafd Party leaders Dr. Mohammed Badie MB chairman asserted that cooperation between the two parties will

Egypt: Intellectuals accuse Freedoms Committee of ignoring MB basic rights.

Coptic activist Gamal Asaad accused the USCIRF of being uncompassionate to human rights and religious freedoms. He used the example of the neglect of Copts in Egypt and the lack

Life after Mubarak’s iron rule: Egypt faces uncertain future

By putting off until tomorrow the problems that cannot be solved today, Egypt has managed to sustain itself through 6000 years of turbulent history.

Brotherhood to decide on new Supreme Guide

Egypt's most powerful opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood Muslim Brotherhood, officially Jamiat al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun [Arab.,=Society of Muslim Brothers], religious and political organization founded (1928) in Egypt by Hasan al-Banna. .....