Essam Sharaf


Adviser to the President: New Committee is Formed to Re-Investigate Killing of Revolutionaries

For his first 100 days in office, Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, has a long list of important, even crucial, tasks to go through; and he is certainly

MB Chairman: Egypt Needs National Consensus

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed that Egypt now needs a consensus president, and reiterated that the MB is committed not to run for the presidency.

MB Calls for Halting Police Aggression, Securing Squares for Peaceful Protesters

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) decisions and attitudes are always based on a carefully studied view balanced between reason and emotion, in compliance with the enlightened rules and principles of Sharia (Islamic

Morsi: Selmi Amendments Postpone Constitution Drafting

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Chairman, and Mohamed Abdul Maqsoud, a Salafi leader, stated that the meeting which took place with Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf and

MB: Selmi Initiatives Undemocratic, Constitutionalize Military Rule

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for resignation of Dr. Ali Selmi and Dr. Essam Sharaf’s Government in its entirety, if they insist on the adoption of so-called constitutional principles or

Gamal Tajuddin: Lawsuits to Cancel Elections Derail Democracy

In an interview with IkhwanWeb, Jamal Tajuddin, Secretary General of the Freedoms Committee of the Egyptian Bar Association and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, described 17 lawsuits filed in court

MB and Thousands of Egyptians Welcome Turkish PM at Airport

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was greeted by tens of thousands of Egyptians including Muslim Brotherhood members who flocked into Cairo airport Monday night to welcome the Turkish prime minister.

MB Opinion on Last Week’s Events

This week has witnessed many political events. Internally, the country has witnessed large demonstrations in Cairo and several provinces,under the banner of 'Revolution first', and this was followed by asit-in

As Protests Continue, Egyptians Determined to Fulfill Revolution’s Demands

Egyptian activists appeared determined to continue their protests untill the ruling military council addresses outstanding demands left unfulfilled from the January 25th Revolution.

Protesters Dissatisfied With PM Speech

Egyptian demonstrators expressed discontent with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf’s announcement in which he promised a cabinet reshuffle within a week as well as a new appointment of governors by half