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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement on Coup Forces Violence Against Peaceful Protesters

Egypt's Anti-Coup National Alliance condemns the violent repression of peaceful protests, and the sham referendum held by coup leaders on the Egyptians' blood; and calls for a complete boycott of

Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns Continued Forced Disappearance of Legitimate President

Egypt's coalition of parties, groups and movements defending democracy denounces coup authorities abducting President Morsi and facing unarmed protesters with brutal, fatal force.

PRESS RELEASE: British Egyptians Reject Military-Backed Constitution

In a continuation of the military-backed government’s farcical policies, Egyptians abroad have been urged to take part in a referendum on the constitution from the 8th-12th January, 2014.

Students and Women Against the Coup Live Major Catastrophe in Egypt

Anti-Coup women and girls in Egypt say they suffer unspeakable violations, tremendous hardship and injustice at the hands of junta authorities.

Egypt Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Calls Revolutionary Rage Friday

Pro-democracy coalition of parties and groups opposed to the military coup in Egypt is determined to avoid the civil war promoted and driven by junta generals.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Continues Peaceful Protests with Revolutionary Rage Week

With the coup authorities’ latest brutal practices against the poorest segments of Egyptian society igniting the Revolution in every home, the coalition of pro-legitimacy parties and groups calls a 'Revolutionary

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Unjust Prison Sentences for Activists Duma, Maher and Adel

As Egyptians witness the putschists’ flawed anti-demonstration law in action, coup authorities escalate their vengeance war against everybody who dares oppose their illegitimate quest for power.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition: 2012 Constitution for All Egyptians

Anti-Coup Alliance calls a new week of non-violent revolutionary activities, reminding that the 2012 Constitution (currently suspended by the putschists) is the legitimate national charter ratified by all Egyptians for

Egypt National Alliance Meets with European Parliament Delegation Tuesday

The all-inclusive coalition of Egyptian parties, movements and groups defending democracy discusses its vision for a solution to the country’s current crisis with a European Union delegation.

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls ‘The People Lead The Revolution’ Demonstrations Campaign

Vowing to persist in positive, peaceful protest action, Egypt’s coalition of pro-democracy groups and movements calls for a week-long campaign under the title ‘The People Lead The Revolution’.