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FJP’s Farid Ismail Arrested; Murad Ali Mistreated in Prison

While Egypt’s military putschists and their figurehead government assure commitment to establishing the rule of law, they wield the scepter of tyranny and repression, rather than the sword of justice,

Al-Shater Family: Will Not Stop Supporting Electoral Legitimacy Despite Coup Terror

Repressive action and state-sponsored terror campaigns will not dissuade pro-democracy pro-Morsi supporters from demanding reinstatement of their elected leader.

Beltagy: We Respect Democracy But Others are Mounting a Coup Against It Using Violence

Having thrown at Egypt’s first elected President all kinds of challenges, fabricated crises, killing of his supporters and torching Brotherhood HQs, now a military coup is underway.

Beltagy: Freeing Sinai Hostages Beats Bad Bets by Opposition Against Egypt Government

After losing their bets on bloody strife between government institutions, opposition forces should respond positively to the President's call for national dialogue.

Beltagy: U.S. Intervention in Egyptian Internal Affairs Unacceptable

After decades of solid support for repressive dictatorships around the world and 30 long years of full backing for the repressive, tyrannical Mubarak regime, the U.S. administration boldly criticizes Egypt’s

Beltagy: Shubra Events Not Sectarian; Deterring Thugs Ministry of Interior Responsibility

FJP leader Beltagy assures ongoing Shubra district violence is by no means sectarian; and urges the ministry of interior to take firm action to deter criminals and saboteurs.

Beltagy: Opposition Spurns Democratic Process, Makes Farcical Demand to Postpone Elections

The same opposition parties that recently demanded early elections in Egypt, now desperately seek to delay legislative elections – not that they would prepare any political program, plan or economic

Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Be Dragged Into Violence; Seeking Genuine Dialogue

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, rejects as both unpatriotic and undemocratic desperate efforts to disrupt forthcoming parliamentary elections, now an evident pre-election phenomenon in postrevolution Egypt arena.

Freedom and Justice Party Cairo Secretariat Elections First of March 2013

FJP leader Beltagy leaves his secretariat position up for grabs in elections to be held on the first of March at the party’s headquarters in the Egyptian capital.

Muslim Brotherhood: Provincial Governor Appointment a Presidential Matter

Egypt’s Brotherhood assures that it does not seek to influence selection process for appointing new governors of provinces across the country, affirming that it leaves such matters to the Presidential