Rashad Al-Bayoumi: Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Receive Black Bloc Death Threats

Muslim Brotherhood ignores so-called Black Bloc death threats against them and the organization; warn against desperate attempts by dubious parties to tarnish the organization’s image.

Mahmoud Ezzat: No Justification for Alliance with Dissolved National Party Officials or Thugs

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader Ezzat urges all political parties, groups and movements to try and accept democracy, learn to handle freedom, and hold homeland interests high above personal or partisan

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Military Trials For Civilians

In a statement Tuesday, Deputy Chairman of MB Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat said that military trials do not guarantee full justice for the defendants, adding that Muslim Brothers were among the

Coptic Intellect: MB Wants Civil State Which Offers Copts their Rights, Freedom and Justice

A campaign to discredit the moderate visions of the MB began in Egypt after the curtailment of the statement made by Dr Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy chairman of the MB on

MB will not refrain from helping citizens

Following the announcement of semi-final results in which dozens of MB candidates failed and over 20 MB candidates entered a second round for re-elections on December 5, 2010, Dr Mahmoud

MB chairman meets with Labor Party leaders

Discussions between the Muslim Brotherhood group and Labor Party took place Tuesday as the MB continues their campaign for the support of political reform.

Egypt: Alkarama marks anniversary of harsh MB military sentences

The National Committee for the Defence of Prisoners of Conscience will be organizing a seminar on Wednesday April 28, at the headquarters of Alkarama Party.

Brotherhood leader calls for annulling Emergency Law

Freshly released MB senior leader Dr. Essam El-Erian confirmed in a recent statement that the release of the senior MB members from detention was not based on any deals struck.

MB Deputy Chairman Ezzat and his colleagues leaving for home

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood and high ranking leaders who were leveled with false accusations have been issued release orders.

MB: No deal struck for senior leaders’ release

Freshly released MB senior leader and executive bureau member Dr Essam El Erian denied allegations that the MB group had struck any deals with the ruling authorities in turn for