Fair Elections


Disappointment After Court Halts Journalists’ Elections

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate for the Journalists Syndicate elections Hany Al-Mekawy expressed his disappointment after court decision halting their elections.

Pope thanks MB leader for warm wishes

Egypt’s Pope Shenouda phoned Dr. Mohammed Badie leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, thanking him for the telegram which he sent relaying warm wishes and checking on his health, and safe

MB’s Statement on Tunisia’s Uprising and the Demands of the Egyptian People

A recent statement by the Muslim Brotherhood has asserted that the group believes immediate reform is necessary if Egypt is not to follow suit in Tunisia's historical uprising witnessed worldwide.

Dr.Morsy: MB Committed to Peaceful Reform, Its Stance on Citizenship Very Clear

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau and the group's media spokesman, stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood's future is dependent in all walks of life of

Tunis 2011 – Has the Long Awaited Change Come?

The mass demonstrations in Tunisia did not just happen overnight; resentment has been brewing for some time in the country.

ANHRI calls for dismissal of Egypt’s Interior Minister

The Paris based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has stressed that it is about time the government listen to the public and opt for alternative policies stressing it would

ANHRI Statement: Egypt’s State of Emergency failed to Stop Terrorism

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information issued a statement stressing that the terrorist act in Alexandria which killed tens of Egyptians, during the Church bombing on New Year’s eve

Egypt’s Winners and Losers

The election results may not have been surprising, but what will be the long-term repercussions for the key players?

Egypt – Pawn in a Losing Game?

The Middle East is turbulent. In the midst of war, threats of war and oppression, the Egyptian election took place and it was marred by voter intimidation, fraud, and a

‘Til Death Do Us Part’ – Peeling Power from a Dictator

Going! Going! Gone! That is the word on Mubarak’s credibility and that of his NDP. Pre-election intimidation and changes to the constitution, followed by blatant electoral fraud, followed by a